Monday, December 11, 2006

World Of WingNuts

Bushji This is a really surprising person...   Very few realized how surprising he would truly turn out to be...   He spawned a breed of fanatical followers much like Ronny Raygun and Tricky Dick Nixon did in their reign in the White House.   It is then not unrealistic to assume that no matter what reality or his story in the history books document, they will believe til the cows come home that he is the greatest president in history.   These Wingnuts absorb and then radioactively spew the propaganda and spin like it is all really true.   They are quite a phenomenon in and of themselves...   This page will document the Small Time Wingnuts that I have come in contact with.   It will also serve as a links page to the Big Time WingNuts so that I don't have to link to them from my other blogs.   It is not often that I actually want to see what they are saying but on occasion this page will be easier than using a search engine to find one of them...  - fc


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