Saturday, December 30, 2006

Short History of Wingnutism

This is really a must read for all of those, like myself that have a hard time understanding the WingNuts.   O'Brien breaks it down to where even the most simple-minded of the wingnuts should be able to understand where they came from and why they are doomed to repeat history.   Very omniscient words were spoken by someone last year when they said that the Republicans/WingNuts can win elections but they can not govern.

This is a very long article with many links to current and previous WingNutism.   A very worthy read on everyone's part...

A (Pretty) Short History of Wingnutism

By: Barbara O'Brien on Friday, December 29th, 2006

In his WaPo column today, E.J. Dionne quotes one of his readers: "Conservatism, like Christianity, has not failed. Neither has ever been tried, especially by this administration."

This person may have a point about Christianity, although I think a handful of people have made a sincere effort; Albert Schweitzer comes to mind. But he's wrong about American-style conservatism. It's been tried, and it failed.

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Oh Yeah...   They Hung Saddam Today...   For War Crimes...   Are you paying attention Mr. Bush?

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cheney Says Rummy was the Best

Found this image from an article at the BBC that announced Rumsfeld's appointment as Sec of Def.   You will notice the trademark smirk on Cheney's face...   I bet in private little chats with his boy president he doesn't still have that smirk after Rummy and Bolton both have been sent packin'...
MalkinCheney calls Rumsfeld 'finest US defence secretary'

US President George W Bush has called Mr Rumsfeld a skilled public servant and leader.

"This man knows how to lead and he did, and the country is better off for it," Mr Bush declared at Friday's ceremony.

"In every decision Don Rumsfeld made over the past six years, he always put the troops first. And the troops in the field knew it."

Mr Cheney, a long-time friend and associate of Rumsfeld, went even further with the praise.

"Donald Rumsfeld is seen as one of the architects of the unpopular war in Iraq and his legacy will be fiercely debated," he said.

"I believe the record speaks for itself - Don Rumsfeld is the finest secretary of defence this nation has ever had."
I believe the War Criminals' Record does speak for itself...   Can ya feature...   The truth coming out of Cheney's mouth...   Will the Wonders of the World of WingNuts ever cease...?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Malkin Is Scary

MalkinThis is a really scary person...   The Iraqi need to be very afraid...   Very...   Very...   Afraid...

She said this week that she was personally going to Iraq to prove how much progress they are making and how safe it is...   Like, I said...   This is a very scary person...  - fc

Update ::
Malkin asks :: What's so funny about going to Iraq?
I think she is mad because people are making fun of her...   That's funny...

Monday, December 11, 2006

World Of WingNuts

Bushji This is a really surprising person...   Very few realized how surprising he would truly turn out to be...   He spawned a breed of fanatical followers much like Ronny Raygun and Tricky Dick Nixon did in their reign in the White House.   It is then not unrealistic to assume that no matter what reality or his story in the history books document, they will believe til the cows come home that he is the greatest president in history.   These Wingnuts absorb and then radioactively spew the propaganda and spin like it is all really true.   They are quite a phenomenon in and of themselves...   This page will document the Small Time Wingnuts that I have come in contact with.   It will also serve as a links page to the Big Time WingNuts so that I don't have to link to them from my other blogs.   It is not often that I actually want to see what they are saying but on occasion this page will be easier than using a search engine to find one of them...  - fc